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Lost Cats

Help! We are lost and our owners are very worried! Please see if you recognise us...

Found Cats
We've been found... but not by our owners. Please check in case we belong to you.
Adoptable Cats
We are safe for now, but need a permanent home.. please can you provide one?
 How It  Works
1. If you wish to place an ad or contact an advertiser, please click register to open an account then follow these ten simple steps;

2. Click 'CREATE AN AD'

3. Select a MAIN CATEGORY e.g. Lost Cats

4. Specify the details of your advert:
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5. Click 'SUBMIT'
6. Upload images if you want to. Select 'Choose file' and browse for the image on your computer. Please note the first image is free and each extra image is 1.00 per extra image posted. There will be a link to the full size image which will open in a pop-up window. Adding images, especially if they are pictures you have shot yourself, will help reunite your cat.

7. Click 'ENTER IMAGE INFORMATION' and wait for the images to upload. The more images you want to upload, the longer it will take. It will also depend on your internet connection speed. Please be patient!

8. Click 'APPROVE' after checking through all the details of your advert.

9. Check the transaction summary, which will give you details of your account and your advert. If you want to select any of the extra option - i.e. featured advert (2.50) do so here. You can submit up to 6 images.
Once done, click 'SUBMIT'.

10. You will then be able to see TRANSACTION TOTALS. If all is correct, click 'APPROVE TRANSACTION.' If you have selected paid options you will be taken to a secure paypal page where you can either pay with your paypal account, or securely online by credit or debit card. Be sure to select 'no postage required' on the paypal page.

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You can register for free and place a complete Ad without photo entirely free of charge.

Your ad will be available on the internet via our website and visitors will be able to contact you through the details you leave or via the button on your ad. The ad will be shown for up to one year,the choice is yours during selection.


If you would like to enhance your ad to help improve the listing, the following small charges apply.


These low fees help us to keep and maintain the running of this website.


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Ad will be available on the internet via our website and visitors will be able to contact you through the details you leave or via the button on your ad.



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more than 1 photo


As above, plus you can show up to six jpg photographs of your animal. Small thumbnail versions will be shown as users browse with a larger version shown when clicked on.



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Your ad will be shown in the prominent 'Featured Ads' section on the front page for 7 days.




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 F. A. Q.
Q1. Do I need to be registered to post adverts?
      Yes! If you want to sell items on LostMyCat.org you will need to

Q2. Do I need to be registered to browse adverts?
      No! You can freely browse all the items for sale on the site without being registered.

Q3. Do I need to be registered to contact the advertiser of an item I am interested in?
      Yes! If you want to buy an item, you need to be
registered  before you can contact the advertiser.
Q5. How do I contact the ad poster about the cat they have lost or found on LostMyCat.org?
     To buy an item, simply click 'CONTACT ADVERTISER' on the advert of the cat you are interested int. You can then communicate directly with the advertiser.

Q6. Is it safe?
     Buying on LostMyCat.org is as safe as YOU make it. If you have found a cat do not part with it until you are convinced the correct owner is claiming it. If you have lost your cat, try to get as much information about your cat from the finder before collecting, and never meet anyone alone. Using LostMyCat.org is the same as using any other classified advert service - Use your common sense.