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Lost Cats

Help! We are lost and our owners are very worried! Please see if you recognise us...

Found Cats
We've been found... but not by our owners. Please check in case we belong to you.
Adoptable Cats
We are safe for now, but need a permanent home.. please can you provide one?
Newest Ads in All categories (last 2 weeks)
Photo Title Description Breed Type Main Coat Colours Approx. Age Area
persian white kittens lost It is long hair... Longhair / semi-longhair Other Kitten Leicestershire Aug 12, 2017
Multicoioured Jusy Missing... Longhair / semi-longhair Mixed Colours Young Adult Greater London Aug 8, 2017
MALE ALL BLACK CAT/GREEN EYES/ANSWERS TO PINOT All black Longhair / semi-longhair Black Young Adult Buckinghamshire Aug 8, 2017
Help find snowy Snowy is a ragdoll... Longhair / semi-longhair White Young Adult London Aug 5, 2017
misty lost cat misty has 4 legs, 2... Shorthair Tortoiseshell (Black+Oran Young Adult Derbyshire Aug 17, 2017
Missing Tortoiseshell Missing... Shorthair Tortoiseshell (Black+Oran Young Adult Bristol Aug 16, 2017
Bella - Silver Striped Tabby - Lost in Luton Silver, Grey and... Shorthair Silver Young Adult Bedfordshire Aug 15, 2017
Scruff Scruff is a rescue... Shorthair Tabby Adult Somerset Aug 12, 2017
Missing Ginger Tabby Culverhouse Cross Cardiff Sebastien was last... Shorthair Ginger Young Adult Glamorgan Aug 7, 2017
Crea burmese missing Black collar Shorthair Cream Young Adult Greater Manchester Aug 6, 2017
"LEON" LOST WHITE CAT Dear Pet lovers, Shorthair White Kitten London Aug 5, 2017